Solar pool heating is dependent on the weather. If the sun doesn’t shine, the system does not work.

Fortunately, this is not a major problem with our abundant sunshine here in Australia.

A good quality, properly sized solar system can, on a 27 – 30 degree day, heat the swimming pool by 1 degree per hour. That is without the pool blanket, providing the pool is relatively sheltered from the wind.

The equivalent power output of a pool solar heating system on a warm day is off the scale when compared to any other form of artificial pool heating.

The coefficient of performance (input power vs output power) is huge, and can only be dreamed of using alternative options.

Not bad for old, and very basic technology.


The new technology is in the manufacture of the products. The quality of solar material these days is far superior to the older solar systems.

The best quality solar systems in the world are made right here in Australia.

Most customers who have a solar system, do not bother with a pool blanket.

The only running costs of the solar, are for the cost of the power to run the pump that circulates the water through the solar system. This should, in most instances, cost around $300.00 for the whole swimming season. The running costs would be zero if you had solar PV panels, as the solar pump only runs when the sun shines.

The solar controller will switch the pump off when the pool reaches desired temperature.


The cost to install a pool solar system is generally cheaper than any other form of heating. It will be cheaper to run, and if you install a good quality system, will generally last a lot longer.

It will also be cheaper to maintain than any other form of pool heating.

Solar pool heating, without a pool blanket, will give you around a 6 month swimming season – depending on the weather.

Some customers often install a pool blanket, in addition to the solar, to reduce the water evaporation, and save some money on pool chemicals. The blanket, of course, dramatically reduces the heat loss through the water surface.

This may add another 2 months to your swimming season, depending on the weather.

The solar puts the heat into the water, and the blanket keeps it in.


In the winter months, the solar will still add a few degrees to the pool temperature. For some this is enough, and they may use the pool all year round.

The temperature of the water very much depends on the weather. There is no guarantee of what the temperature of the pool will be in the winter.

For most backyard pools, this is fine. A heated swimming pool in the summer months that is cheap to run, cheap to maintain and will last for many years.

Most customers switch off the solar systems, or are set to a “winter” mode for the winter months.

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