Swimming pool gas heating is the ultimate pool heater.  A gas heater can guarantee you a quick heat up time, any time and any weather.

As with any form of artificial pool heating, the use of a pool blanket is highly recommended if you would like the pool to heat up quickly, and you want to limit the running costs.

A correctly sized gas heater, operating in average conditions, should raise the water temperature by about 1 degree per hour, if you keep the pool blanket on.

There are no special circumstances for gas heating. You can manually turn the system on when you want the pool warm or set the system to come on automatically.

Swimming pool gas heaters come in all sizes and configurations to suit your pool. You can have free standing or wall mounted heaters.

The newer gas heaters are designed to be far more economical than older type heaters.

A typical swimming pool gas heating system will cost about $4,000 to $6,000 to install.

The gas plumbing is an additional cost and will depend on the size of the heater, the distance from the gas meter, the route the plumbing will take and the size of the gas meter.

The running cost will depend on how you use the heater.


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Here are some of the gas heaters we supply:

AstralPool Gas Heaters -

HX Series Gas Heaters -  Brochure Link

Jx Gas Heaters
JX Series Gas Heaters - Brochure Link

Viron Gas Heaters
Viron Series Gas Heaters - Brochure Link

HiRNG Gas Heaters
HiNRG Series Gas Heaters - Brochure Link


Pentair MasterTemp Gas Heaters

Mastertemp 125 Gas Heaters
Mastertemp 125 Gas Heater - Brochure Link

Mastertemp 200-400 Gas Heaters
Mastertemp 200 - 400 Heaters - Brochure Link