Welcome, So you want to heat your pool but don't want to pay the earth for it, i hear you and feel confident because you've come to the right place. DIY Solar Pool Kits is Perth's premier supplier of solar pool heating systems. Most people have a swimming pool to cool off in the hot summer. This is true, but you may find that most people who use this as a reason to have a pool, only use the pool a few times a year. Many people swim for enjoyment, exercise, and for social occasions.

Having a pool that is not too cold, or too hot is a very attractive option. Would you like to have a pool heating system that controls the temperature of the water, and keeps it at a comfortable level for the whole swimming season?. If you do, then consider our pool heating options because there's nothing worse than jumping into a cold pool, Our Perth ware house stocks a large range of solar kits, pool heat pumps, parts and accessories.